Monday, June 18, 2007

Law School Success Confounds "Natural" Enemies

The Ave Maria School of Law was founded to save the natural law ("the only secure foundation for human freedom") from practical extinction by sending her graduates into the corridors of influence and power:

Formed by outstanding professional training and a distinctive educational
philosophy, Ave Maria’s graduates are equipped for leading positions in law
firms, corporate legal offices, the judiciary, and national, state, and local

The legal establishment's status-quo fan-club seems to be both mad and afraid that the law school is succeeding as planned. They have been complaining for months about the hiring of Ave Maria alumni by the Department of Justice, but the most recent expression of indignancy by the New York Times - for once - contains objective quantifiable data. This data is worth crowing about:

The Jurist is also upset by this laudable DOJ attempt to end the ideological monopoly among DOJ civil rights attorneys (such as that of the activist lesbian Elaine Kaplan). In its thoughtful summary of the situation, Christianity Today notes that racism is not the only source of civil rights violations.

NB: the data format is misleading; 2003 (not 2000) is the first year Ave Maria Law grads were available for hire.