Sunday, July 15, 2007

Incense: Why do YOU love us? Could you love us any more?

Based on all the feedback we are getting, Ave Marians and Catholics of good will from at least three continents consider Incense to be a welcome addition to the blogosphere - a heart-warming breath of rich, sweet, air that always pleases.

We are popular because every day we confirm and affirm what you already know: being Catholic is a wonderful privilege and the good works of Ave Maria are an extraordinary and wonderful service to Christ's Church. Apparently its nice to be reminded of that each day - and that's why we keep doing what we do.

Please tell everyone here just why you love Incense, the Church and Ave Maria.

We are an EXTREMELY independent website. We take orders from no one, and never would. But that does not mean Incense won't consider heeding your suggestions, so please post them on this thread.

This is an open thread; comments will show up instantly and [we won't be editing any comments] unless they are raunchy, calumnious, or spam.

Have at it.