Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Law School Building Unveiled

The new Ave Maria School of Law building will be significantly better. Here is the latest from the school's website.

"Upon its relocation to Florida in summer 2009, the School of Law will occupy a state-of-the-art facility. The largest classroom will seat nearly double the number of students as the current facility, allowing more students to gather when the Law School hosts speakers and events. Medium and large-classrooms will offer tiered, theater-style seating, providing improved sight-lines so students can easily see the front of the classrooms. The new home of the Law School will have a total capacity of 458 classroom seats –approximately 100 more seats than the current facility, and will feature a 5,000-square foot atrium, a two-story library, a dedicate legal writing center, and expanded chapel. Wireless technology will provide students with access to online resources from all locations in the building."

View of Law School building (looking south)

View of Law School building (looking northwest)

View of Law School building (looking southwest)