Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pediatrician to Immokalee's Poor Finds Support at Ave Maria University

God has big plans for Ave Maria, Florida, and one of them is close ties to the people of Immokalee. AMU's support of the work of pediatrician Dr. Melanio Villarosa with the people of Immokalee is but one example of those ties. Pray God, both communities will benefit from further interaction and mutual support.

He’s the male Mother Teresa, Garcia says....At times, he relies on nurses Garcia and Lisa Gomez to translate the medication treatment for patients. Villarosa takes Jesus over to the wall of the exam room, pointing to an article hanging on the wall. The headline is “Ave Maria, a Town Built by Faith.” That’s faith, but it’s also education. The university supports his mission because it’s in line with Ave Maria’s mission, including pro-education and pro-life agendas, says Carole Carpenter, Ave Maria president of university relations. Ave Maria plans to honor him with an honorary doctoral degree during its commencement ceremony in May. Villarosa encourages parents to read to their children and tells parents to be serious about their education, so that one day their children can attend Ave Maria University or any other higher education institute. He hopes they listen to him. “Education is very important to help them get out of their poverty level.”