Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ave Maria University offers wholesome "Guys & Dolls" conversion story; NDU offers Holy Week "Vagina Monologues"

This week, the students of AMU presented a wonderful production of the Broadway musical Guys & Dolls, which is a humorous story about wayward craps shooters who find redemption in the women they marry. It was a nice evening of wholesome entertainment before the sober mood of Holy Week arrives tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the president of Notre Dame University, Father John Jenkins, spent this week defending his university's intellectually stimulating production of the filthy and pornographic Vagina Monologues - its annual Lenten orgy. Kudos to Bishop John D'Arcy of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, for taking Father Jenkins to task for sponsoring such harmful sewage at Notre Dame.

Congratulations to AMU President Healy and the entire campus for its wonderful Performing Arts program and its wholesome and vibrant atmosphere.